El nacimiento de la clínica

Una arqueología de la mirada médica [nueva edición]

El nacimiento de la clínica - Michel Foucault - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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What did he see a doctor in the mid-eighteenth century, when observing the presence of the disease in the patient's body? Certainly, his methods and his speech still owed much to the myth, beliefs and imagination. Later that century, however, medicine underwent a radical change: the source of the medical truth becomes the attentive eye, careful perception that records spots, irregularities, hardness, color, adhesions. This empirical surveillance, born with the Enlightenment, becomes the new principle governing the relationship with the patient and are presented as guarantee completeness and accuracy. The Birth of the Clinic, published in France in 1963, is a revealing essay on medical observation and methods for a short but fruitful period in which, in clinical practice, the look criterion of truth and rationality became. Until then, the doctor spoke a language without knowing percept...read more


Book: El nacimiento de la clínica

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