El nacimiento de la tragedia

O helenismo y pesimismo

El nacimiento de la tragedia - Friedrich Nietzsche - Valdemar
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The appearance of The Birth of Tragedy in 1872 was the great premiere of a young thinker who was already very clear in what areas his philosophical reflection was going to unfold. Indeed, this early work already contains a large part of the ideas that Nietzsche will develop in the future and that will mark a resounding turn in Western thought. This essay grew out of a genuine obsession with knowing the nature of the Greek tragedy, penetrating the darkest ins and outs of ancient Greek world, seen as the essential key to diagnosing what was considered an acute crisis of European culture. Called 'Hellenic romanticism', this vision took root with unusual force in German society, where it adopted a markedly philological aspect: many thinkers believed they perceived a mysterious affinity between the German and Greek languages, whose extraordinary capacity to express the most abstract notion...read more


Book: El nacimiento de la tragedia

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