El objeto en psicoanálisis

El fetiche, el cuerpo, el niño, la ciencia

El objeto en psicoanálisis -  AA.VV. - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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The first contribution of this volume is a text on fetishism, signed by Jacques Lacan and Wladimir Granoff, whose true authorship is one of the enigmas so typical of Lacan and always loaded with some irony. The theme and concepts developed from Freud's texts are very significant for further conceptual development, so that is a seminal document of great interest. The volume also includes four exhibitions that illuminate different aspects of psychoanalytic practice and theory also focus from other disciplines. The anthropologist Marc Augé speaks fetish in African cultures, where its function as an object is twofold, since it is a symbol and simultaneously relationship between different worlds. Monique David-Ménard shown in a case the problem of desire as an object of psychoanalysis and its relation to the symptom neurosis and psychosis certain hallucinations. Jean-Louis Lang shows throu...read more




Book: El objeto en psicoanálisis

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