El oído musical

La preparación auditiva del niño

El oído musical - Edward Willems - Paidós
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Some pedagogical works on the value and psychophysical role played by body exercises have exerted a notable influence on musical pedagogy and, for a hundred years, it has been enriched with valuable experiences and with new and adequate suggestions to favor musical development Of childhood. In this sense and in its subject matter, the present is one of the most significant works of our time and its subject is treated with a rare ability, in a way both technical and soulful, analytical and emotional. The author, after analyzing the different modes of hearing and what he calls "auditory intelligence", tries to create relationships between sonorities and movements and to establish analogies between understanding and constructive effort, between sensitivity and the intelligentsia of Children, between the student and the teacher, between science and life. All this is exposed in a very clea...read more


Book: El oído musical

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