El ojo del observador

Contribuciones al constructivismo

El ojo del observador - Paul Watzlawick - Gedisa
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Reality as objective world, ie independent of the observer, is part of the basic understanding of our perception. however, "beauty born in the eye of the beholder". Our representations of reality and truth have been questioned repeatedly. Scientists like Einstein and Heisenberg, philosophers like Kant and Heidegger and recently cybernists and psychologists have addressed the question of reality and founded a new way of thinking, constructivism, which can be considered as the theory of knowledge postmodernism.That thought no longer arises from the basic question of rationalism: "What we know ?, but it raises the more fundamental question:" What can we know?One of the pioneers of constructivism has been the austronorteamericano Heinz von Foerster, with its recognized ability to ask questions and encourage others in the search for new insights and innovative solutions.


Book: El ojo del observador

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