El optimismo

El optimismo - Francesco Alberoni - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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The articles in this work have a common thread, a common inspiration: trust in human beings, in their ability to understand and do. Generalrnente, says Alberoni we do not address what is going well, most of us just analyze errors and mesquindad that overwhelms us in life and at work, it is often described ways wrong existence and the organization as products inefficiency and unhappiness. But this reflexióri criticism can also be done in a different way.
Almost all problems can be solved in a positive attitude, accepting the challenge, the risk, with a generous spirit. With the optimism he does with enthusiasm to perform. And that's why the title of Optimism.

Optimism therefore does not mean that things are going well, there are no problems and tragedies, but only trust and hope that exists in us will give us the ability to improve, improve. The ability to make a small ste...read more


Book: El optimismo

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