El papado y la historia de la Iglesia

El papado y la historia de la Iglesia - Francisco García Bazán - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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The papacy and the history of the Church represents the clearest and most synthetic exposition of the origins of the Christian Church. The text, developed by the main specialist in the history of Christianity in the Castilian language, manifests a very rich plot of origins.
Francisco García Bazán examines the fundamental conceptions of the papacy, doctrine and institution that has been guiding the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church for twenty centuries. And he delves into the diachronic history of the papacy through the chronological selection of the most striking figures in the potato chain based on his analytically researched biographies and the historical, spiritual, intellectual and material contexts that give them meaning and continuity.
It is a unique book in which for the first time the various stages through which the evolution of Christian institutions h...read more




Book: El papado y la historia de la Iglesia

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