El perdón y el resentimiento en psicoanálisis

El perdón y el resentimiento en psicoanálisis - Jose Luis Lillo Espinosa - Biblioteca nueva
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From the knowledge that the experience in the psychoanalytic clinic provides and from it, the experiences of the victims about the difficulties in granting forgiveness are exposed, allowing us to be witnesses of the vicissitudes of their psychic dynamisms. After verifying how difficult it is to be able to grant it, the required conditions and differentiating the process and act of forgiveness, emphasis is placed on everything that would be damaged by the aggression, the shame and humiliation that it entails, the risk that a Resentful Organization will be constituted of Personality. The differences and similarities between forgiveness, reparation and mourning are raised. It contributes to the debate on the usefulness and role of forgiveness in psychological assistance, specifically psychoanalytics.

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Book: El perdón y el resentimiento en psicoanálisis

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