El piano 52 + 36

El piano 52 + 36 - Justo Romero - Alianza editorial
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Alianza editorial
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The 88 piano keys ?? 52 white and 36 black ?? Have been the sound base upon which most composers have first tried and listened to their melodies before taking them to the staff. From its invention in the early years of the eighteenth century until today, the piano has been an indispensable protagonist of music. EL PIANO presents an overview of its evolution, its characteristics and models, manufacturers, composers, schools and interpreters, which also takes into account Spanish production, filling a frequent gap in the foreign bibliography. It offers the amateur to music, to any interested reader, not only the possibility of finding contrasted data, clarification of concrete aspects and lucid observations; It enriches countless experiences and details that the author has been collecting during a prolific professional life linked to the music and that make of its reading a true delight...read more



Book: El piano 52 + 36

ISBN: 9788420693378