El pozo y el péndulo

Y otras historias espeluznantes

El pozo y el péndulo - Edgar Allan Poe - Valdemar
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According to H.P. Lovecraft, the difference between E.A. Poe and his illustrious predecessors are that they had worked in the dark, without understanding the psychological basis for the appeal of terror. Poe understands the mechanism and physiology of fear and strangeness, studies the human mind more than the uses of Gothic fiction, and works with an analytical understanding of the true sources of terror, which increases the strength of his stories and rid of the absurdities inherent in conventional and stereotyped shuddering. Thus, Poe not only composed masterpieces of the genre, but also theorized about it, always seeking the most intense aesthetic emotion, which in his opinion was in the provocation of "horror." The selection of this volume focuses exclusively on the stories that deliberately seek to provoke this "effect": that is, the radicalization of the literary pleasure of the...read more



Book: El pozo y el péndulo

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