El precipitado simbólico

Antropología, lenguaje y psicoanálisis

El precipitado simbólico - José Eduardo Tappan - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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The book in question has clearly traced a story that was necessary to tell, and has done so since his double suit as an anthropologist and psychoanalyst. It is about the genealogical ilation that goes from Freud's candid anthropological concerns to the reading that Lévi-Strauss made of his total work, his impression and points of influence, until the creation of the anthropological structuralism, which he puts at the tip of his center I spin the unconscious not as a dark hell of sinister passions, but as a symbolic network of connection of moles and prohibitions, of gaps and ruptures that establish legitimacies, squares, oppositions and conjunctions of forces among men.

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Book: El precipitado simbólico

ISBN: 9786079671556