El principio de insuficiencia

El principio de insuficiencia - Anselmo Benassi - Marmol izquierdo
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Marmol izquierdo
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In the vicinity of a stubborn formulation but far from any slippage of some ideational whim, reading teachers usually produces that kind of induction that arises from its pages. Reading the Project and Ethics of Psychoanalysis leads to the consequence of intellecting from these texts the implication of the separation of the object of das Ding, as a founding moment of being. Those theoretical tribulations of Freud, like Those of Lacan, placed as a metapsychological conundrum that "partition event" in the "indications" of the human creature. From there that separation is a term that defines what is made "part". The real thing that installs the "lack" and escapes to measure, as unresolved potential in the dimension of difference. It will be the primacy of perception that determines, as a principle, the state of identity as defined by Freud.
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Book: El principio de insuficiencia

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