El principito

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El principito - Pavel Ortega - Cifra editorial
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Cifra editorial
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Tapa Blanda

Now everything makes sense, everything fits. I invite you, then, to turn this boring prologue and immerse yourself in an old adventure with a new flavor. To recognize the characters that have always been there, from always; but adapted to a current narrative thread that contains (what better) a strong speech that should shake our guts, as long as we are not dead inside. Also recognize (and that means extra points) the portraits of the author, because the good Pavel loves to include in his works fragments of his own life. And do not get me wrong, that gives it a unique and relevant character. But bear in mind: when reading this little book, do not just focus your eyes, otherwise you will miss important details. No. Other types of perceptions must also be opened and ready Because it does not look good except with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes. "


Book: El principito

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