El promontorio del sueño

El promontorio del sueño - Victor Hugo - Siruela
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In 1834 Victor Hugo (1802–1885) contemplated the moon through the telescope of the famous astronomer Dominique Francois Arago, then director of the Paris Observatory. Nearly thirty years later, and in exile on the Anglo-Sorman island of Guernsey, he recalled that experience that seemed comparable to Dante's journey led by Virgil. The result of the memory was this short text. The contemplation of the heavens, leitmotiv that runs through all his work, reaches in The Promontory of The Dream (Promontorium somnii is one of the names of the lunar mountains) unusual dimensions, generating in its first part descriptions of "tachist" landscapes within the purest abstraction. In the second, Hugo creates a text that can be considered a clear precedent for surrealist writing. The theme is imagination and dream, in its relationship with creation and madness. The myths of pagan antiquity and the Mi...read more


Book: El promontorio del sueño

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