El que susurra en la oscuridad

El que susurra en la oscuridad - H.P. Lovecraft - Valdemar
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In the year 1920, H.P. Lovecraft had a disturbing dream that he described to his friend Heinhard Kleiner in a letter. That nightmare took the form of an account six years later, and it finally saw the light of day in February 1928 in Weird Tales magazine. It was titled "Cthulhu's Call." That dream was the germ of a whole subgenre of cosmic horror, to which dozens of writers have contributed throughout almost a century: The Myths of Cthulhu. This volume brings together the nine original HPL stories that form the core on which the Myths were built. Within this gruesome and grotesque pantheon of deities imagined by the genius of Providence, it is worth highlighting Azathoth, the sultan of the gods, "an amorphous ruin of absolute confusion that blasphemes and drools in the center of the final void", mentioned in numerous accounts , as in "The dreams in the witch's house". Nyarlathotep, th...read more


Book: El que susurra en la oscuridad

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