El resto del viaje y otros poemas

El resto del viaje y otros poemas - Bernard Noël - Abada Editores
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Bernard Noël was born in Sainte-Geneviève-sur-Argence, Aveyron, on November 19, 1930. From Extraits du corps (1958) or Dictionnaire de la Commune (1971), his texts as poet, essayist and narrator trace a trajectory Which is among the highest in contemporary European literature. Currently, he has a long poem, Chemin d'encre, and has begun to collect his works (OEuvres, published by POL), of which three volumes have already appeared: Les Plumes d'Eros (2010) -texts in which Eroticism becomes a question for the other and for the body - L'Outrage aux mots (2011) - which prolongs this reflection in his political writings - and La Place de l'autre (2013), where he collects his thinking about writing.
This book takes up the extended edition of Le Reste du voyage et autres poèmes (2006), which included, along with the three parts of The rest of the journey: "Passage in Athos", "The rest ...read more




Book: El resto del viaje y otros poemas

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