El siglo

El siglo - Alain Badiou - Manantial
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"The twentieth century has been tried and convicted. Of totalitarian terror century utopian and criminal ideologies, empty illusions, genocides, false avant-abstraction as ubiquitous substitute for democratic realism I do not want to advocate for . a defendant who knows defend himself Nor do I, as Frantz, the hero of the piece Sartre's The Condemned of Altona, proclaiming: 'I threw the century to the shoulder and said: I will answer for him. "I just want to examine what this fucking century, from within their own future, said it was. I want to open the file of the century, as becomes the century and not by the side of the judges wise satiated we pretend to be. To do this, I use poems, philosophical fragments political thoughts, plays. All material, some boast outdated, through which the century declares thoughts his life, his drama, his creations, his passion. And I see then against t...read more


Book: El siglo

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