El síntoma y el saber

El síntoma y el saber - Maud Mannoni - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Maud Mannoni, one of the leading figures in the psychoanalysis scene in France, presented her State thesis before a jury composed of Julia Kristeva; Pierre Fedida, Pierre Kaufmann, Lucien Israel and Jean Oury. The present book brings together Mannoni's exposition and the comments and debates that this exhibition gave to the members of the tribunal. The title of the protocol presented to the Spanish-speaking reader is an emblem of Mannoni's situation regarding the institution and profession to which he belongs. Under the title "The symptom and knowledge", Mannoni gives us to understand that his candidacy for the doctorate of State is a symptom that faces a knowledge. In fact, what it is about is the peculiar condition that assists psychoanalysis as a domain of knowledge; and the crux of the debate is the ever-current question about whether or not psychoanalysis is teachable, or whether...read more




Book: El síntoma y el saber

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