El sistema

El sistema - Peter Kuper - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Hard cover

Peter Kuper is a graphic artist with amazing abilities. In books such as Diario de Nueva York or Diario de Oaxaca, he has demonstrated the versatility of his work, ranging from drawing to collage through photographs taken and different graphic techniques to share with the reader passages of his fantastic mind. The system is a silent graphic novel that addresses one of Kuper's obsessions: power or, rather, how the structures of power affect people's lives. The scene of this visual explosion is New York. In this megalopolis are developed multiple stories that are interconnected with each other to draw a gigantic network of coincident lives that try to live and survive with and in spite of others. The cartoonist for Mad magazine, Al Jaffee, explains the keys to understanding the genre of the silent graphic novel: "Caricature is an art appreciated and recognized around the world. The pure...read more


Book: El sistema

ISBN: 9786077781820