El socialismo anarquista y otros textos

El socialismo anarquista y otros textos - Ricardo Mella - La voz de la anarquía
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La voz de la anarquía

Why publish this book with texts by Ricardo Mella and not another author?

There are so many brilliant writers that anarchism is that when you decide to edit one thing you always see the problem of not knowing which of either edit. Economic funds anarchists are usually quite low because we do not accept state subsidies, whom we consider our mortal enemy and therefore we deny any relationship with that infamous institution.

When starting an edit would like one to have large funds to poderles edit them all.

But rereading "The anarchist socialism" Ricardo Mella we decided to turn editing for being one of the greatest theorists who has given the Iberian Peninsula (no offense to others, of course).

elegant writer, clear ideas and a depth that few succeed, Ricardo Mella is one of those writers overshadowed by the figures of the great personalities of anarchism. Pr...read more

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Book: El socialismo anarquista y otros textos

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