El sueño de una lengua común

El sueño de una lengua común - Adrienne Rich - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Tapa Blanda

Poetry has always been a gesture of rebellion and emancipation. All poets once dreamed that words had such great power that with them they would be able to undertake the transformation of political systems, end unreason and create true justice. Adrienne Rich, one of the most popular and celebrated American poets of the twentieth century, also dreamed of the end of human disgrace and the establishment of a new harmony. All her combat against the oppression of women was concentrated on the words: in redefining them, in giving them a new use, a new meaning, where the entire history of violence against them was judged and rewritten.

The dream of a common language is one of his most emblematic books, the collection of poems in which his combat and ideas found their highest and clearest point. In it he speaks of the power of women, of the loves between them, beautiful and forbidden, ...read more

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Book: El sueño de una lengua común

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