El sueño, los sueños y la muerte

Exploración de la conciencia con S. S. El Dalai Lama

El sueño, los sueños y la muerte - Dalai Lama - Olañeta
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The acts of sleeping, dreaming and dying are universal elements of human experience, I that affect us all and that, however, present many little-known facets and an undoubted dimension of mystery.

This book analyzes these fundamental human experiences from two different angles that want to be complementary: that of modern Western science and that of the timeless wisdom of Buddhism, in a fruitful and enriching dialogue.

This book is the account of a historical dialogue between several cutting-edge Western scientists and one of the most important representatives of Buddhism today, the Dalai Lama of Tibet. The conversations recorded here took place during the fourth Conference on Mind and Life in Dharamsala, India, and revolved around the three key moments of consciousness which are sleep, dreaming and death - what neuroscientist Francisco Varela, an international celebrity...read more


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Book: El sueño, los sueños y la muerte

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