El territorio interior

El territorio interior - Yves Bonnefoy - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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In moments of reverie or nostalgia, all we thought, at least once, that true life is elsewhere, in a strange land where the fruits are sweeter, purer water, light lighter: there, men, beasts and things coincide in one place, at the same hour, finally reconciled. Yves Bonnefoy, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century has given name to the imaginary country: the hinterland. This book is a journey through the wonderful geography. As a new Virgil Bonnefoy takes us through the Tuscan Renaissance art and Picture in Picture, crossed with the Amber Sands, Gobi Desert, Tibet, ancient Rome buried in the desert, Jaipur abandoned, Greece , Capraia, Florence, in a long journey that does not end in denial of the world, but its renewed presence, here and now. Because when you read this book, we have learned that sleep, like us, it is mortal, and that shares our fragility and our destiny. ...read more


Book: El territorio interior

ISBN: 9788415601616