El tiempo en los brazos II


El tiempo en los brazos II - Tomás Segovia - Pre-Textos
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The weather in arms - notebooks (1984-2005)

I understand more or less what pushes a person who feels witnessed important facts to regularly record the relevant data and comments, which are also so certainly at least in his opinion. I've never felt that it was my case. I have always been left out of the decision-making and the known facts, I have never rubbed shoulders with the great figures and I can not imagine that my testimony has any objective value. But I do not feel very akin to those spirits that fix on paper the trivial events of their private lives, no doubt to further intimate evocations, or endlessly explore the nuances, subtleties and iridescence of his mind, I guess that desire knowledge and not just for complacency. They are things that some notebooks like these, prosecuted over many years may close at times, but that in any case are far from characterizing them. ...read more



Book: El tiempo en los brazos II

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