El títere y el enano

El núcleo perverso del cristianismo

El títere y el enano - Slavoj Zizek - Paidós
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In this work Žižek offers a reading of the current religious constellation, from a perspective that, as is usual in his essays, opens in Lacanian psychoanalysis and in historical materialism. The author critically examines the versions of current spirituality - both New Age gnosticism and deconstructivist Levinasian Judaism - in order to delve into the analysis of the "materialist" nucleus present in Christianity. His reading of Christianity is explicitly political, and focuses on the figure of Paul and the community of believers that he founded as the first version of a revolutionary collective. Unlike Levinasian (or Derridean) Judaism, the Christian religion is immanent, and it is the resemblance (the God who becomes man) - and not the Otherness - that plays a fundamental role, postulate from which Žižek derives interesting consequences. Christianity affirms the Great Other, althoug...read more


Book: El títere y el enano

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