El viaje del cordón de plata

Cuento para entender la adopción,la acogida permanente y el acogimiento familiar

El viaje del cordón de plata - Loretta Zaira Cornejo - Editorial Sentir
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Editorial Sentir
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Andrea has just been adopted by an unknown family, in a totally new place for her. What emotions will she feel at this new stage in her life? What concerns will she have? Who will help you adjust to it?
Making children understand the adoption, foster care or foster care process is not easy. Neither is knowing what concerns they have about these issues and knowing their feelings.

The author of this story, an expert adoption psychologist, proposes an effective method to explain these situations to the little ones and understand what goes on in their heads: accompany the boy or girl, between 3 and 12 years old, in the reading of El silver cord travel.
In the story, a protagonist close to the child is presented through clear, simple and fun language at the same time. In addition, the book contains elements that help to understand the difficult situation that Andrea is g...read more


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Book: El viaje del cordón de plata

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