El vuelo mágico

El vuelo mágico - Mircea Elíade - Siruela
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Magic flight is the initial journey through the three worlds: earth, hell and heaven. From testimonies of shamanic techniques collected in the most diverse archaic traditions and cultures, Mircea Eliade reconstructs its meaning for our civilization, who lives in the oblivion of all experience of the sacred. This need for human and transcendence is the common theme of the various essays gathered in this volume written by Eliade between 1934, after her trip to India, and 1986, the date of her death. The multifaceted character of Eliade, a novelist and professor at the University of Chicago, is evident in this edition, which includes both some of his essays and scholarly writings as autobiographical and diaries. The former cover a wide range of fields, from the primitive cultures to the modern sculptures of his compatriot the sculptor Brancusi; autobiographical notes refer, above all, to...read more


Book: El vuelo mágico

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