Electricidad - Ray Robinson - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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"I'm not epileptic, I have epilepsy." This statement, pronounced with the electric fury that inhabits Lily, the protagonist of this book, is one of the multiple doors of entry to a story, never better said, dazzling. A novel where disease is present everyday, the search turns the past into an immediate future and human relationships face their determining condition: the constant and repeated rupture that precedes the reconstruction. Although it has been said to the fatigue that to read is to inhabit a different space, to find a book that encloses the reader in the events narrated is as strange as painful, more when it comes to living a disease that has not been destined to us, to suffer the urgency An investigation that witnesses us into accomplices, experiencing the love-hate duality that governs Lily's relationships with others, wander through a London that eats itself and its inhab...read more


Book: Electricidad

ISBN: 9788496867321