Elogio del riesgo

Elogio del riesgo - Anne Dufourmantelle - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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Life is an inconsiderate risk that we, the living, run. "Risking life" is one of the most beautiful expressions of our language. Will it necessarily mean facing death and surviving? ... Or will there be, inserted in life itself, a secret device, a music capable of displacing existence itself towards that battle line they call desire? Well, risk opens an unknown space. How is it possible, being alive, to think about it from life and not from death? At the time of the decision, he scrutinizes our intimate relationship with time. It is like a fight in which we would not know the opponent, a desire that we would not have knowledge of, a love that we would ignore the face, a pure event.




Book: Elogio del riesgo

ISBN: 9786079671532