Empacados al vacío

Empacados al vacío - Brenda Ríos - Calygramma
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Tapa Blanda

Vacuum packed invites us to the meticulous dissection of everyday weaknesses, the tiny love fears and the collective uses of desire. Through these pages we feel trapped by those minutiae that in the end we all know, we have felt, but that seem unknown to us because we have not paid them due attention. Brenda Ríos allows us to recognize ourselves before the certainties of his words and reflections of everyday life. With a clear and suggestive writing, and a measured dose of melancholic humor, these texts move from reflection to chronicle, from aphorism to the analysis of common situations, from pop culture to the tobacconists of the academy, from feminine writing to disguise of the intellectuals who roam the streets of Mexico City. Vacuum-packed texts are seemingly unpretentious, since they do not try to define a truth, but to clarify what worries any of us at a given moment: when requ...read more



Book: Empacados al vacío

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