En el castillo de Barba Azul

Aproximación a un nuevo concepto de cultura

En el castillo de Barba Azul - George Steiner - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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The four texts in this volume represent a milestone in contemporary thought for being one of the first stances against cultural pessimism trends present in authors like TS Eliot and mid-twentieth century. From his concept of "poscultura" Steiner makes a number of replicas of great clarity, beauty and daring, precisely at a time when pessimism reappears in all its radicalism and violence. Culture, new divinity of the twentieth century, had shown their powerlessness over reliance upon finding that he could not avoid or soften the worst atrocities stemming from the human mind. And yet, apply the death of culture is nonsense as there are humans. Are boundaries of the concept of culture should then be extended, accepting as cultural events not only unspeakable Holocaust but also the blind mass destruction of cultural heritage irrestituible? Steiner proposes withstand the weakness and humil...read more



Book: En el castillo de Barba Azul

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