En el transcurso de la interpretación

Estudios sobre el mundo de la improvisación musical

En el transcurso de la interpretación -  AA.VV. - Akal
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"In the course of interpretation" is the first book that clearly illustrates and describes the practices and procedures of musical improvisation, a subject that, by its very nature, seems to resist any interpretation or systematic explanation. With the contribution of outstanding specialists and interpreters, it offers a compendium of the research carried out to date, as well as an overview of the different approaches applicable to the study of the subject, from cognitive study to detailed musicological analysis. In its chapters, genres as diverse as Italian lyrical singing, modal jazz, Indian classical music, Javanese gamelan and African-American girls' song-plays are approached. This complete and detailed guide for the understanding of musical improvisation will be indispensable for the professional, student or reader interested in this fascinating art.


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Book: En el transcurso de la interpretación

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