Encender un ahoguera

Encender un ahoguera - Jack London - Olañeta
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A story that draws the reader, masterfully written, on stage at the terrible winter of the northern regions of Canada, in which a lone man fights for survival in the most hostile conditions.

American novelist Jack London (1876-1916) led an adventurous life, was a war correspondent and wrote stories inspired by his travels and others in exposing their ideology, strongly influenced by Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche, with a strong social content. But what gave him more success and fame were his adventure stories: The Call of the Wild (1903) and White Fang (1906) and his autobiography, Martin Eden (1909). London is considered a consummate master of the short story and has exerted a great influence on many writers of later generations, as Jack Kerouac. A fire is a masterful story that brings into play important issues as man's relationship with nature and its real position in the cosmos...read more


Book: Encender un ahoguera

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