Enciclopedia de obras de filosofía

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Enciclopedia de obras de filosofía - Franco Volpi - Herder
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This book is the first major Spanish encyclopaedia which offers a reasoned approach and a guide to the philosophy of the great thinkers through the texts. It contains about 2000 books and 920 articles on authors, with plenty of information about sources and secondary literature. The major works of each of the thinkers are presented with an initial bibliographic record, a description of contents, a brief biography of the author, as well as useful information to understand the work and the context in which it was conceived. The selection of works whose center of gravity of the philosophy of the Western world, with particular attention to the authors of Spain and Latin America, but also includes other traditions amplitude thinking especially Arabic, Chinese, Jewish, Slavic, Japanese and Indian from antiquity to the present day. This book has chosen to formulate the concept of work in its...read more



Book: Enciclopedia de obras de filosofía

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