Encuentro con el otro

Encuentro con el otro - Ryszard Kapuscinski - Anagrama
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The concept of "the Other" can be understood as the individual who contrasts with other individuals, but "the Other" is also the one that sinks its roots in the diversity of sex, generation, nationality and religion. Through the report, the author recalls the interlocutors he has been finding on the streets of the world. They are people made of two parts: one is the man with his joys and his sorrows, and the other is the racial, cultural and religious identity. Kapuscinski analyzes this double aspect by revealing that cultural perception is never static, but mobile and subject to the tensions that depend on the external context, the expectations of the environment and our age and mood. Thus, in these six conferences, the world is a territory in which the safeguarding of diversity passes through the knowledge of diversity.




Book: Encuentro con el otro

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