Ensayos Malogrados

Resabios sobre la muerte voluntaria

Ensayos Malogrados - Alejandro Tarrab - Cuadrivio
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Tapa Blanda

The writing of Alejandro Tarrab is luminous, but it is not made for contemplation; what is filtered through his words is a light that tears. The first tear, the separation of the voice from one's own body. The voice like shout, like an atavistic glissando that crosses ages and that, capable of being configured in many musics, does not lose consciousness of its precariousness; poetry, but also something more. Unsuccessful essays, without losing an iota of the transgressive capacity of his poetry, add to his writing a reflexive power that turns it into a sort of fresco in permanent transfiguration and growth. But their figures do not leave intact - like neat Renaissance walls - the surfaces on which they extend but they penetrate into them and reveal their true consistency; porosities, hollows, cracks. Luminous and heartbreaking, the writing of Alejandro Tarrab, I suspect, starts from t...read more




Book: Ensayos Malogrados

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