Entre dientes

Crónicas comelonas

Entre dientes - Martín Caparros - Almadía
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On a trip to Bangkok, Martín Caparrós discovers his vocation of "dining" in a fantastic French restaurant in Asia. Since then, he has shelled the meaning of the adventure of eating, which he shares throughout the chronicles of Entre Teeth. In matters of culinary experimentation, the author is not intimidated by anything, as when he organizes in Rome a truculent banquet in the style of the ancient Romans where diners ingest strange dishes, prepared according to the recipes De Re Coquinaria, by Marcus Gavius ​​Apicius, and they fulfill the legendary obligation to return everything to continue "eating for eating"; or, when, starving, he resigns himself to eating a snake on a road in Malaysia; or the day you find a Chinese inn in Paris where you pay less while eating more: or the burlesque crossing to try a dog in China. At the edge of these pages the reader will enter fascinating restaur...read more



Book: Entre dientes

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