Ernestina. Un cuento sueco

Ernestina. Un cuento sueco - Marqués de Sade - Gradifco
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Of all of Sade's works, this is the most complete, one of the most interesting and the one that can best offer us a broad view of the way of thinking of its author. Probably The philosophy in the dressing table or The 120 days of Sodom are betterin many aspects, but they focus too much on the subject of debauchery and therefore usow a skewed image of the Marquis' philosophy. In The Philosophical Novel, on the other hand, we can contemplate the full range of thoughts that Sade was hanging around in his head. Here we do not see only monsters who practice the most execrable aberrations and the reasoning with which they seek to justify them; here we are told about love, of society, of politics, ... Also the libertinajetienes his place (of all), but presents himself in a more veiled way and is not the center of the action.


Book: Ernestina. Un cuento sueco

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