Es el decir el que decide

Es el decir el que decide - Armando González Torres - Cuadrivio
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It is the saying that decides, a book woven by aphorisms that dynamite the soul of the reader due to his acid humor, his implacable critical sense and the clever intelligence that Gonzalez Torres ink is spilling behind him. The lucid style of this work not only falls on the aphorism of plenty of self-awareness, which delineates a series of thoughts edged to understand life from the existential intimacy or the discernment of that I that shows a projection, but also a distance in front of the neighbor, It is also a reflection that, from the spontaneous freedom of the aphorism, meditates -without pretending to theorize- on the nature of language and the excess of meaning that can be found by reading between the lines, or thinking what is not said. On the abrupt human condition that subjugates its animals and the hypothetical world that would be born of reversing the abuse. On the more




Book: Es el decir el que decide

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