Esbozos de una tierra sin nombre

Esbozos de una tierra sin nombre - Shaun Tan - Barbara Fiore Editora
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Barbara Fiore Editora
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Under the surface of any creative project there is usually a great hidden iceberg that keeps everything afloat: a mass of preliminary material made up of boxes, folios and notebooks that the author does not initially intend to show and even less to publish. That's especially true of Emigrants, a story that relies heavily on silence and mystery.

Although the texts and reflections of Esbozos de una tierra sin nombre are by no means essential to appreciate the final work, I hope that these pages provide a more intimate point of view of that small world that I built around Emigrants . The reader will be able to enjoy my initial inspirations, the evolution of concepts and the execution of the final illustrations. as well as the sketches themselves: although they may be strange at times, they are always sincere insofar as they served to capture bursts of speculative ideas. I, for more

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Book: Esbozos de una tierra sin nombre

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