Escritos políticos

Escritos políticos - Cornelius Castoriadis - Catarata
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This anthology does not cover the breadth of topics covered by Castoriadis's reflection, but is devoted to its more properly political writings and includes both those of its militant political stage and those later, more philosophical in nature, dedicated to reflection on autonomy. From attempts to understand the nature of the USSR to the elaboration of the fundamental principles and conditions for the democratic institution of society, these texts show the steps of a thought directly involved in social transformation and in the reflection on the possible paths of this transformation. With this journey through his journey, he aims to reconcile the different stages and plans of his thinking in the face of the usual separate treatment between the action man and the thinker.

A militant of the revolutionary anti-Stalinist left, economist, philosopher and psychoanalyst, Cornelius more


Book: Escritos políticos

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