Escritos y conferencias 2


Escritos y conferencias 2 - Paul Ricoeur - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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This second volume of the posthumous writings and lectures of Paul Ricoeur -prepared by Daniel Frey and Nicola Stricker- meets five texts whose reading has, on one hand, a systematic and didactic exposition of the question of hermeneutics whose knowledge is associated justifiably the name of this contemporary philosopher, whose work has been published by Siglo XXI, and the other, an approach to the key problems, limits and possibilities of this knowledge of knowledge. Along these "tests hermeneutics" a description and analysis of phenomenological nature that allow articulate a substantive reflection without losing sight of the unavoidable and necessary reflection on language signs is undertaken. "The problem of hermeneutics", "metaphor and the central problem of hermeneutics", the question of the very possibility of a "logical hermeneutics", "hermeneutics of the idea of ​​Revelation" more


Book: Escritos y conferencias 2

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