Escuchar y transformar la ciudad

Urbanismo colaborativo y participación ciudadana

Escuchar y transformar la ciudad -  AA.VV. - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

The way we conceive and improve our urban environment is more important today than ever. The need to curb the deterioration of the environment or the constant increase in the density and complexity of urban systems encourages us to think about cities beyond the development of spaces of human relationship: it is now essential to rethink what has been achieved in recent decades from an environmental, economic and socially sustainable perspective. In this new extended and updated edition, theoretical reflection is accompanied by real cases of practical application in which citizen collaboration, socio-economic agents and institutions promote a participatory conception of the city in all its environments, from public space to neighborhoods and its territory. This reflection thus makes up an enthusiastic and pragmatic plea in its willingness to continue to intervene in urban and more


Book: Escuchar y transformar la ciudad

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