Espectros de cine en Japón

Entre la literatura, la leyenda y las nuevas tecnologías

Espectros de cine en Japón - Rafael Malpartida - Satori
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In 1998, on the verge of the new millennium, cinemas shuddered with a film that put the almost unknown Japanese horror film abruptly on the map: "Ringu", by Hideo Nakata. In the wake of this film and Sadako, its fearsome and fascinating protagonist from beyond the grave, a veritable avalanche of Japanese ghost stories shook the world film scene. An evanescent army of specters, ghosts and apparitions arrived from the Far East to renew the genre. From the classics about cat ghosts, revenges from the Hereafter and impossible love between the living and the dead, to the great modern landmarks, such as "Ringu", "Dark Water", "Ju-On" and the original proposals of Kiyoshi Kurosawa.



Book: Espectros de cine en Japón

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