Espectros de Macedonio

Espectros de Macedonio - Alfredo Lèal - Cuadrivio
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In Macedonian Specters, we face a fundamental question: what do we do with the (dis) articulation of the essay as a genre, as concretion, as a text? And Alfredo Lèal, with a prose that privileges as a force the congregation of its sources, gives us answers and conclusions that seem to be total, but which in reality raise new questions. In this book the reader will find a deep reflection on the nature of the essay, but also, the same implementation of a way to "rehearse the essay". From Cicero to Foucault, passing through Macedonio Fernández (the spectrum that unites all the texts) or Borges in the Hispanic tradition, landing on Don Quixote or Derrida, we have a constellation of texts in front that allows to tension bridges that seem impossible. Lèal reads the classics from a series of dissimilar positions with remarkable findings, at the same time questioning the way in which they more




Book: Espectros de Macedonio

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