Esteban Pavletich

Estaciones del exilio y Revolución Mexicana, 1925-1930

Esteban Pavletich -  AA.VV. - Inah
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This work contributes to the clarification of the historiography of exile, by rescuing the figure of an internationalist militant who suffered various exiles. Esteban Pavletich, a transhumant intellectual, was deported from Peru, his country of origin, to Panama, where he became involved in the great tenant movement of 1925; from there he was banished to Guatemala and participated in the activities of the Popular University until his next station in exile. In El Salvador he carried out union agitation, for which he was again expelled. He arrived in Mexico in 1926, and joined the APRA cell in the capital. He traveled to Cuba, developing proselytizing activity in Havana at the Popular University, which cost him another exile. He returned to Mexico and, in mid-1928, traveled to Sandino's insurgent and anti-imperialist Nicaragua, where he joined the ranks of his army as secretary. On his more



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