Estructuras elementales de la violencia

Ensayos sobre género entre la antropología, el psicoanálisis y los derechos humanos

Estructuras elementales de la violencia - Rita Segato - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

It is in the tension and mutual feeding between two axes; that of the equals (allies or competitors) and that of the unequal (dominators and dominated), where, according to the author, the ethiologia of violence, its production user, can be investigated. Common structure to all systems in which status brands inflection the modern expansion of the citizen contract, gender relations are, however, considered here their paradigmatic scene. As we know them in what the author calls "the long patriarchal history," they are presented as the elementary cell of all violence. Understanding the sphere of intimacy is the support that anthropology and psychoanalysis provide to the right to help their task of pacifying society. Only through privacy reform will it be possible to dismantle the escalation of corporate violence, from the microscopic levels of domestic aggressions to the macroscopic more

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Book: Estructuras elementales de la violencia

ISBN: 9789875744448