Estudiar el racismo

afrodescendientes en México

Estudiar el racismo - María Elisa Velázquez - Inah
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The book is organized in four sections that respond to a historical and thematic logic; in the first part, aspects related to "race" and racism in the colonial period are analyzed, in the second part, the nineteenth century is approached with sources and approaches little worked by historical research. The third section is made up of articles that are interested in more contemporary racism problems and the last is made up of texts that reflect on racism from anthropology, also considering indigenous peoples. Research on racism faced by Afro-descendant populations in Mexico is essential to identify when and why they arose and how to propose strategies to eliminate such practices that continue to violate fundamental rights of historically discriminated populations. The simplistic explanation that racism is a creation of the West and that emerged during the colonial period is more



Book: Estudiar el racismo

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