Ética de la comunicación

Ética de la comunicación - Rogelio Del Prado Flores - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Tapa Blanda

Communication ethics connects the action with the meaning of life. The existential condition of the communicator is necessarily linked to the generation of symbolic capital that sustains the life of society. It is not an exclusive treaty of deontological norms, but a reflection of why it is ethical, in its Aristotelian expression to reach in a greater measure what one aspires to be. Faced with the liquid ethics of a postmodernity subject to the opportunities of circumstances, communication ethics develops arguments based on the conviction of the dignity of people over any particular interest. Because the core of life is human ethics, commitment to its values, and an action that prioritizes the truth of these values. All of which culminates with the right and duty to seek a communication based on truth and social justice.


Book: Ética de la comunicación

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