Ética del recuerdo

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Ética del recuerdo - Avishai  Margalit - Herder
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"Do we have to remember people and events of the past? If so, what kind of obligation is this and who is this "we" (maybe) has a duty to remember? "From a suggestive reflection on the connection between interest and remember, this book by Avishai Margalit introduces us to the difficulties and risks to articulate an ethics of collective memory. The fundamental question posed by Margalit goes beyond the relevance or otherwise of the "duty to remember" painful and traumatic events of the past. According to Margalit is not the radical evil of what happened that makes possible a community of memory, but a certain moral inclination toward the "other"-toward our neighbor, the other human being-what is to enable the development of shared memory . Areas Philosophy, Ethics, Human Rights, Psychology.



Book: Ética del recuerdo

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